Who We Are

Kim Spencer McPhee’s lawyers have extensive experience in securities litigation. We act for national and multinational public corporations along with brokers, officers and directors and shareholders in a wide array of securities matters.

Our lawyers have acted in some of the largest securities class actions in Canada and the United States.  Our ongoing plaintiff-side securities litigation are those identified on our Featured Securities Litigation page and our lawyers were involved in many important securities class actions including those against Amaya Inc., Concordia International Corp., FSD Pharma. Inc., and Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.  Our lawyers have also represented business owners in shareholder disputes with great success, including in a five-week trial Extreme Venture Partners Fund I LP v. Varma; and representing business owners that sold their companies in exchange for stock of the acquiring company that turned out to be worth substantially less than represented.

On the defence-side, our lawyers represented the chairman and chief executive officer in Toevs v. Yorkton Securities Inc., the largest fraud on the market class action in Canada. We also represented Research in Motion and other publicly listed companies in Canada and the United States in proceedings alleging stock option backdating.

For further information about our securities litigation practice, please contact Michael C. Spencer or Andrew Morganti.

KSM Securities Litigation Group's Lawyers

Our team consists of members committed to providing business owners and investors access to justice by enforcing their rights through vision and the power of contingency-fee litigation. Each member plays a critical role in capturing and preserving competition, investor protection, and shareholder rights with an emphasis on equality and transparency.


Important Court Decisions

We have been successful in bringing about some of the most important pro-investor court decisions in Canada.